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Your Coffee Is On Us! Just Help Us Cover the Postage and Freshseal Packaging cost.

Postage + Packaging Single = £2.50

Postage + Packaging Triple = £5.00 (save £2.50)


Grown high on the scenic slopes of El Salvidor, India and Brazil, our farmers carefully and skillfully nurture the cherry crops to bring out the best of their enormous flavours.

Naturally washed and dried by the monsoons, the crops reach peak condition before being harvested in the traditional way.

After being loaded up and secured, the harvest is wheeled down the tracks to the local mills where it is sorted, bagged and sent onwards on it’s journey to Britain.

At our roasting houses in the North, our masterful roasters set about bringing together the wild flavours from the foreign regions to create our 3 most famous blends.

Roasting to exact temperatures for precisely timed periods gives the blends an unbeatable evenness of flavour - every time. 

Depending on the blend the roaster is crafting, the beans will develop notes of warming dark chocolate and sweet caramel or become a rich red-fruit and white chocolate buffet for the senses to enjoy.

Carefully bagged and sealed for freshness, the coffee is then ready to make its journey South to Finla HQ where Mike and the team await its arrival. 

Much of the fresh coffee sells out through the week to Finla’s customers in their award winning coffee shop. 

A small number of the beans are set aside to be made into samples. These carefully packaged samples are then sent to coffee lovers all over the world so they too can experience what coffee can really taste like.

Each sample contains 16-18g of freshly roasted beans and can be ground if required. That’s enough to enjoy two great tasting beverages (worth over £5 in a coffee shop).

Finla offers these samples 100% free and only asks that you help cover the £2.50 cost of the freshseal packaging and the posting of the free samples to you. (That’s less than one cup of coffee).

Designed to perform brilliantly in any method you choose to make it; Aeropress, cafetiere or any good coffee machine.

Finla believes that everyone should have a coffee blend that suits them best - the right flavour, the right focus and the right feel. 

And they’re on a mission to help everyone find the blend that they enjoy best.

Which blend will you enjoy?

Finla’s Signature blend is smooth, flavoursome and just the right lift of focus and caffeine.

Finla’s Decaf blend is all the amazing smoothness, flavour and body as our signature blend - but without the caffeine.

And Finla’s Dark Roast blend is strong, tasty and packs the perfect punch.

Or you can try all three by selecting the triple sample pack. The extra packaging is reflected in the price of course - but you'll still save £2.50! Just select 'Triple Sample Pack' in the Blend section above.

So pick your blend - or try all three - and we’ll get your fresh coffee to you as soon as we can for you to enjoy (only 2-3 days).

Our samples always sell out fast! So order today to make sure you get the freshest batch of coffee for your sample. One sample (or tripple pack) per order.


We look forward to sending you our coffee to enjoy!


Mike, Deanna and the Finla Team