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Finla Coffee offers different classes on Coffee brewing techniques to help you get the most out of your home brewing equipment.
Each step of brewing great Coffee at home can be tricky.
We are here to help!


Largely hands-on, fun and taught by our skilled Baristas. All equipment is provided during the classes.


Latte Art (Steaming milk like a Pro)

This is a fun but challenging course. New to milk steaming or already a pro? Let us teach you how to steam the Finla way. No more high pitch screaming or deep bubbling sounds. We will also show you the basics of mixing coffee with milk and even show you some Latte art skills.

£35 per person 

(Course Duration - around 1.5 hours. Max of 4 people per Course)

Next Available Dates:

Tuesday 8th October 6:00pm

Monday 11th November 6:00pm


Ideal for the Home Brewer (Basic Skills)

The Barista course is ideal for people who are just starting in Coffee and know nothing about Coffee except how to drink it. Yet the course will also be really helpful for Baristas who have been making Coffee for a while, yet have never had training from us before.

We have trained many people who have been making Coffee for years and felt they learnt so much during the course. The course is really good for anyone also a lot of fun too!

During the training you will learn the most important essential Barista skills. We will teach you what Coffee is, how it grows and how it is harvested. We explain how coffee is roasted and we talk about freshness and packaging.

You will learn a lot about producing the finest espresso and we run you through the process step by step.  You will also learn how to us the V60 Pour over, French press and the world famous Aeropress. Get ready for the perfect extraction!

If you would like 1-2-1 training or maybe larger group training then please send us an email with details and we'll get back to you. 

£45 per person

(Course Duration - around 2 hours. Max of 6 people per Course)

Next Available Dates:

Tuesday 1st October 6:00pm

Wednesday 6th November 6:00pm

Barista Course (Full training on our Espresso machine) 

This course is quite in-depth and requires a good understanding of coffee before attending. 

An overview of coffee beans – where does coffee come from and how do different origins gain strenths and tastes. Processing methods & roast profiles.

Cups and sizes – how they change the taste of the coffee? Students will be given a chance to taste and sample a selection of our speciality origins coffees

Grinder calibration – students will have their grinder knowledge put to the test and asked to set a grinder to a given espresso recipe. (don’t be afraid)

Milk steaming and latte art – students will learn how to steam milk and pour different latte art designs – heart, tulip, rosetta and some of our own designs

In the café - learn the value of good customer service skills, how to layout your café to maximise workflow & efficiency. 

£145 per person

(Course Duration - around 3 hours. Max of 4 people per Course)

Next Available Dates:

Wednesday 9th October 6:00pm

Tuesday 12th November 6:00pm

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