Lower prices same quality goods.

Over the last 3 years we've met some pretty amazing people through our journey with coffee & clothing. Almost all of them are family run with regular people like you and me at the wheel.  
We love what they do and we will continue to support them in any way we can.
However, because of the nature of a retail partnership we have always hated the price markup on products. About 50% more to include a wholesale margin. We hate this and so do you. 
We want to do everything we can to serve YOU better. That being said, we're excited to announce we are now a 100% direct to consumer model.
Which means 50% lower prices, same quality, hand crafted products.
F&Co - Q&A'S
Q - What sizes do you do?
A - Ladies we do S, M, L
      Mens we do S, M, L, XL
Q - What sort of fit are the garments?
A - Ladies are both Fitted & Regular (Season dependent)
      Mens are Regular fit all round
Q - Whats materials do you use?
A - We only use 100% Cotton
Q - Can I buy your apparel in stores?
A - You can purchase and try on at Finla HQ
Q - Who do you use for shipping?
A - We have teamed up with DPD & Royal Mail
Q - If I’m not happy with my order can I return it?
A - Yes. We accept all returns within a 30 day period